Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wilton Fondant & Gumpaste - class 1

I have been a terrible, terrible blogger. Please forgive me. I offer you cake. Lots and lots of cake. I've been taking the Wilton fondant & gumpaste course and I love it! I wasn't sure I would like fondant, since I've heard such bad things about how it tastes, but it is SO much fun to work with. Here is my first fondant cake!

We learned how to make a "handkerchief" for our cakes. Because apparently they need one?

We also had to make a drape. I hated the drape. My cake does NOT need a scarf. Oh well, at least I know how to do it.

PS - the cake tasted phenominal! It was a white cake with raspberry and raspberry mousse fillings. SO good. The only picture I got of the inside was super blurry though, so there will be no making your mouth water today.

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